USNA Parent Club Leadership

 Meet the Club Leadership

Our club relies on the active and enthusiastic participation of parents and families from our USNA community in Northern Virginia.  There’s always opportunities to volunteer to get involved, meet fellow parents, and support our activities and events!

Our leadership team includes our Board Officers and Chairs, Class Representatives, and Committee Members.  Meet the team and read more about our leadership roles and committees below.


President: Nicole Adkinson-Calopietro (Tehya ’24)

Vice-President: Julie Shedd (McKenzie ’25)

Secretary: Open

Treasurer: Betsey Gurley (Sarah ’24)


Class of 2022 Representative: Fred Beverly (Daniel ’22)

Class of 2023 Representative: Toni Metcalf (Jack ’23)

Class of 2024 Representative: Art and Toy Sobers (Aron ’24)

Class of 2025 Representative: Joneta Saceda ( Alfonso ’25)


Membership: Alyssa Helmich (Harrison ’22)

Communications: Beth Casey (Sean ’22)

I-Day Flag Coordinator:


President:  Oversees all USNA Northern Virginia Parent Club activities. Prepares agenda and leads monthly Parent Club Board meetings. Coordinates distribution of monthly email newsletter reporting on club events and updates provided by USNA. Stores and keeps track of club’s personal property, such as flag and decorations. Creates club calendar of events for the year with assistance from board members and committees. Works with club treasurer to manage and monitor annual club budget. Serves as primary liaison with the Parent Club Coordinator from the USNA Alumni Association.

Vice President:  Attends monthly board meetings. Shadows and assists the president in the oversight of the club and its activities, with the plan to serve as president in the future. Coordinates club committees and provides guidance and support as needed.

Treasurer: Handles all aspects of the club bank account; deposits checks; writes checks. Manages club Square account and Square online membership storefront. Files any necessary tax returns/reports. Prepares monthly income and expense report for presentation and approval at board meetings. Attends monthly board meetings.

Secretary: Attends monthly board meetings and takes minutes. Publishes minutes and manages documentation on shared club Google Drive for archival purposes. Documents any new or revised procedures to ensure continuity and smooth transition of club roles and responsibilities.

Communications Lead:  Supports president and committees in club communications, including creation of monthly email newsletter. Monitors official USNA and USNA alumni association Facebook pages and pushes out pertinent notices to our club Facebook page. Assists with creation of digital materials, such as event invitations for club events and video presentations. Manages and updates Northern Virginia Parent Club website. Administers club Facebook page (jointly with others), as well as club email and sign up genius accounts. Attends monthly board meetings.

Membership Coordinator: Creates and maintains club membership forms. Intakes membership registration forms at the club’s Welcome Aboard Picnic and processes new membership registrations throughout the year. Updates and maintains member lists. Creates club directory for distribution to club members each year. Creates labels as needed for committee events. Mails tote bags to new members. Attends monthly board meetings.

Class Representative: A club member who is the primary point of contact for club parents of a particular class.  The rep keeps parent contact information and mid information up to date and notifies Membership Chair of any changes. Sends club communications to the class list and reports on class news. Attends monthly board meetings. When class rep reaches their Mid’s Firstie year, rep leads planning efforts for Firstie Recognition Dinner for mids and their families in the final semester at USNA.


Social Committee: With support and guidance from the club’s vice president and board, members on this committee work together to plan and coordinates tailgates, watch parties, and other social events for all club members throughout the year.

Midshipman Support Committee: With support and guidance from the club’s vice president and board, members on this committee coordinate events for our mids. Events include the Dark Ages Care Packages, Welcome Aboard and I-Day events, and other activities identified to support incoming mids, new mids, and seasoned mids.